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I have always been fascinated by the ability of the camera to capture and immortalise what happens there and then in front of the lens. I started taking pictures when I was ten years old and bought my first camera. I take pictures in the streets and bars of Oslo, of the places I travel to and what I experience there, but not at least all the people I meet on my way.

However, my favourite photo object is my own family; my wife and my two sons. It is interesting that it does not matter how many pictures you take of someone, if you know them well you will always find something new in them to capture.

ARNE ADLI             Holsteinveien 19             0860 Oslo                Tel: +47 90639927

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If you want to buy prints, please send me an email and state the print title together with your address and I will provide an estimate. You can also find me on Ello, Facebook and Instagram (iPhone photos only on Instagram).


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